2014 Norway

Ready to learn about the rural country life at the Maihaugen Open Air Museum, Lillehammer. Old farm houses in 1890's era... One of our tour mates attended a conference before the tour and had flags from different countries...  Norwegian Olympic Museum, Lillehammer. Hmm... Discus Throw competition... Demonstrating the look of that little kid inside... All the medals that I possibly could have won... I'm going to do some shoveling, after this... When are they going to add my pictures on the display?... I'm getting ready to hop on the bobsled if it wasn't the polar bear coming after me...
We beat the other competitors so much they decided there should be no third place winner... Getting ready, before the opening ceremony..  hmm.. The bear doesn't like taking picture... Stand for a pose, before skiing down Lysgaardsbakken (ski jumping hill in Lillehammer). Did you see me skiing down?... My skiing career is now history... Snow-capped green mountains and quiet lake, Borgund. Borgund Stave Church... probably looks scary at night. Flam, with a troll on skis.
OK, what are these trolls trying to do now? This is probably one of the busiest sections of Flam... Our tour hotel - Fretheim Hotel, Flam Flam Train Museum Kjosfossen Waterfall On Flamsbana enjoying a spectacular train journey viewing some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. Aurland area composed of fijords and mountains, village today has only 800 inhabitants. On Fjord1, 2 hours cruise from Flam to Gudvangen... In the heart of the Norwegian fjords, Stalheim Hotel sits at a high point in the inner part of Naeroydalen valley.
A view overlooking the Naeroydalen Valley. These trolls just became my best buddies... Stalheim Hotel Aussie, Kiwi, Cuban American and other Americans, even a Chicagoan.... Sculpture of a sea mine in memory of the killed sailors during 1914-1918, opposite to the Hanseatic Museum by the Bergen harbor front. Bergen harbor front... Villa home of Edward Grieg and his first-cousin wife Nina, under renovation. Composer Edward Grieg's working studio, at Troldhaugen, Bergen. A small concert hall near the Edward Grieg's house and museum, built in 1985.
Edward Grieg (1843-1907), Norwegian composer and pianist... I love this place... imagine composer Edward Grieg strolling down here to take a break from his music work... Edward Grieg and his wife are buried near the lake, in the hill very close by... nice Feng Shui... Turf roof top of the concert hall....  Troldhaugen. Bergenhus Castle, fortress built to protect the entrance port of Bergen. Rosenkrantz Tower of Bergenhus Castle, the tower built in 1270 by King Magnus Lagabote (the Lawmender). Stone Hall (now known as Hakon Hall) on Holmen, erected by King Hakon Hakonsson between 1247-1261. Used as the wedding and coronation of King Magnus Lagabote (the Lawmender). General Mansbach's Avenue...  inside Bergenhus Castle. In front of the main gate of Bergenhus Castle. Entrance gate erected in 1832 bearing the monogram of King Carl Johan of Sweden and Norway.
Bryggen, a historic old German wharf harbor district in Bergen. Import-export offices back in 1350 owned by Hanseatic League (Hansas, German guild of merchants), dominated stockfish trading of Bryggen... pretty  rowhouses along Bryggen, Bergen. Maritime Monument with its twleve bronze male figures, on Targallmenningen Square, Bergen. Hardanger fjord, surrounding mountains and Folgefonna glacier, a view from Steinsto Fruit Farm (some 58 miles east of Bergen). Listening to Ola, farm owner and full time farmer, telling us about the history of the farm, Steinsto Fruit Farm. Be a farmer for a day... Let's go in and try out the world's best apple pie (they claimed...). It's quite nice to have a farm out here... beautiful water and mountain...
Voringsfossen Waterfall on the famous Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Fossli Hotel, built on top of the Voringsfossen Waterfall in 1880s... Ski resort town, Geilo melee-mali-melee-mo... Give me fire.... The curvy bazaar surrounding the Oslo Cathedral Flower market at Stortorvet Square, Oslo.  Square built in 1736. Royal Palace, Oslo Holmenkollen, Oslo - Ski Museum and jump tower. A picture before getting ready for a ski jump practice.. Hmm... We settle for dinner instead - Nils Holgersson restaurant, Oslo.
Enjoy a cup of tea after our dinner. An early start to visit Frogner Park, Oslo - visiting Gustav Vigeland's famous stark sculpture. I'm part of the team... Do I look like the grumpy boy behind me? Enjoying the rose garden in Frogner Park. Beautiful roses, happy us... The bronze Fountain with 60 individual bronze reliefs. The Vigeland Park In front of the Monolith Plateau, with Monolith totem, 36 figures groups and 8 figural wrought iron gates. The Monolith totem towers 46 ft with 121 human figures rising towards the sky.
In front of the wrought iron gate with six male figures I could do this too... Oh my, she forgot to put clothes on... Very interesting totem pole... Oslo City Hall Lots of lines on the wall and on the floor... Outside Oslo City Hall. Oslo City Hall in the background. Still a bit cool in early July, Aker Brygge waterfront along Oslo Fjord in the background.
Oslo Opera House Fram, the polar exploration ship in Fram Museum, located on the peninsula of Bygdoy in Oslo. Fram was commissioned in 1891. Awefully cold... Love this baby whale... Awu.awu... Transforming to a Husky... Ship actually fits the form of the Fram museum, isn't it? Me and 'moai' in front of the Kon-Tiki Museum...
The raft Kon-Tiki, used in the 1947 expedition, Kon-Tiki Museum. The parrots talk too much to my ears... My interpretation of the statue... In front of the tri-triangles.... Kon-Tiki Museum My own Viking ship... Getting ready to set sail... from Viking Ship Museum, hmm... A nice view of the southern and western parts of Oslo at Kragstøtten lookout, a high point in the Holmenkollen hills.