2013 Belgium and Luxembourg

The Atomium, iron atom magnified 165 billion times, Brussels. Watch out for the piss...  Manneken Pis, Brussels No time for the Museum of the City of Brussels... Grand Place (Grote Markt) , Brussels Interested in going inside the La Chaloupe d'Or (The Golden Sloop), the tailor's guild for a fit of clothes with gold? Brussels Town Hall in Grand Place square The Ducs (Dukes) of Brabant Hall, Grand Place (Grote Markt) Brussels The Maison des Brasseurs at the Grand Place, originally occupied by the Brewers Guild. Bourse (Stock Exchange)
St. Catherine's church and Place St. Catherine, now a flower and fruit market. The Mardasson Memorial, Bastogne Commander of the tank, US Armored Division... Foot soldier.... doesn't look like a commander... The Palais Municipal or Cercle, Luxembourg The Bock and the casemates, with Alzette river on the right below... Luxembourg Le Chemin de La Corriche... proclaimed "Europe's most beautiful balcony" by the Luxembourg writer Batty Weber. Luxembourg fortress, "the best in the world, apart from Gibraltar", called Lazare Carnot, the French politician and engineer... I'm ready to take up arms and position myself in one of the guard position at the fortress...
The beautiful Bock and Alzette River... We could walk along the Alzette River all day long... I could use one of these large vases in my house... Cour Superieure de Justice, Luxembourg The Judiciary City (Plateau St. Espirit), Luxembourg Nortre-Dame Cathedral and the National Library of Luxembourg Getting ready to be crowned...  by Gelle Fra (Golden Lady) at the Constitution Square, Luxembourg City. That's not fair... she got crowned and I got to watch the soldier mourning his dead compatriot... Adolphe Bridge, remember the new Beetle commercial, when it first came out? Where am I??...  Ghent, Belgium
The Graslei and Korenlei are two streets in the historic center of the Belgian city of Ghent .  The Graslei (LHS) and Korenlei (RHS) along river Leie. Castle of the Counts, Ghent Oude Vismijn, old fish market, Ghent Lion with the tongue sticking out...  Ghent Nice day to take a river cruise... St. Nicholas' Church, Ghent St. Nicholas' Church and Belfry of Ghent. Ghent's Old Post Office, now condos and retail... Jan Frans Willems (1793-1846) monument, at Saint Bavo's Square, Ghent.
Our lunch at this restaurant, with mussels in wine sauce... Bruges Town Hall, Burg Square, Bruges Old Civil Registry with Moses, Justice and Aaron on the roof top. Bishop's Palace, Burg Square, Bruges Authentic Belgian waffle, no syrup but with powdered sugar... Don't ask me anything, too busy eating... The Provinciaal Hof (Province Court), Bruges The Markt (Market Square) of Bruges Belfry of Bruges