2012 Russia

Cathedral of the Assumption, within the walls of the Trinity-Sergius Monastery, Zagorsk Our Russia expedition team... Hmm... Unicorn... Monument to the Conquerors of Space, Moscow Any one wants to get up there and slide down? We are pondering the burning sensation on sliding down... May be a roller coaster ride is easier... Be a companion to the poor dog who had to endure the test space flight... Time to say goodbye to the space dog, space food...
We don't have time to check out the All Russian Exhibition Center... Enjoying the river breeze, Russian White House (Russian Federation of Government) All aboard! to cruise the Moskva River... First, let's get a nice table and ready for dinner... Monument of Peter the Great (Peter I) It's so quiet...  may be I can take a nap... May be a shoulder as a pillow... Ready to chow... Museum of the Great Patriotic War
No sunshine this morning... Get ready to take a scenic Moscow subway stations tour... This escalator has 740 steps and takes about 3 minutes to get down... Moscow subway train is similar to Chicago's... Subway hall is clean and pretty, not crowded in the morning... No graffiti but pretty wall painting... Park Pobedy Moscow Metro Station Lenin mosiac, Kievskaya station Moscow Do l look like doing the same thing?
The dog nose had been rubbed by so many... After a full investigation of the Moscow subway system, time to sit down for the next stop. After taking my picture, I'm going to do some weight lifting of the 1 ton cannon balls... I think I can climb in and be a projectile... Gun tube is only 40 tons, let me see whether I can push it a bit... The tree shades are nice and it is a good camouflage... Should I go through the Iberian Gate to the Red Square now? Can you tell the two storey roof part was added 115 years later to the gate? State Historical Museum of Russia
Moscow City Hall and State Historical Museum of Russia Our hotel, Ritz Carlton Moscow Lobby, Ritz Carlton Moscow The famous Saint Basil's Cathedral Kremlin Wall - the Senate Tower, the Saviour Tower, St Basil's Cathedral Time for another group picture... GUM department store, kind of quiet, still early in the morning... Could you see the water fountain? Main building of Moscow State University
Let's have a picture before going in to check out their cafeteria... Cathedral of Christ the Saviour The person that took this picture sits on the floor... I'm going in to have a chat with the KGB chief (former KGB headquarter) Is this the spy look, cool and poker face??? I think I look like him... I'm strong... I'm invincible... Karl Marx, his theories about society, economics and politics—collectively known as Marxism. They lead to the formation of socialist state - the Soviet Union in 1922. Any one want a drink? All our bags are packed, we're ready to depart for St Petersburg...
Sapsan train from Moscow to St Petersburg, time 4:15 hours The Resurrection of Christ Church (also known as Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood), St Petersburg Walking path of The Resurrection of Christ Church, St. Petersburg... another rainy morning... I got my eye on this throne... The Throne Room, Hermitage Museum I could use one of these for my home...The Knight's Hall, Hermitage Museum This is as close to Egypt as we can get... Sizing up the Winter Palace... Holding my camera in place of the big shovel... She sits there and so relaxing... so are we.
I could put up a pose like that too... Don't feel bad... if you couldn't afford the Winter Palace, we will find something else.. Cabin of Peter the Great... I could use one of these to cruise in the sea... On top of Fort Alexander, Kotland Island A former naval fortress A little bit old but it is still a fortress... Not sure if I want to move in... Ah, relaxing on our boat, returning back to Kronstadt.
Monument of Peter the Great, looks pretty proud of himself... Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg... what a nice sunny day... Peterhof Palace, The Grand Cascade Peterhof Palace, The Grand Cascade Peterhof Palace, The Grand Cascade Lots of gold... ready to carry it off... The Samson Fountain and Sea Channel, Peterhof Palace The Samson Fountain and Sea Channel, Peterhof Palace The Samson Fountain and Sea Channel, Peterhof Palace
The General Staff Building, Palace Square, St Petersburg Palace Square, St Petersburg Winter Palace, St Petersburg Grand Europe Hotel, where we stayed, St. Petersburg Standing next to Griboedov Canal with Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood at the back. Can you believe it's 9:30 at night... bright blue sky... Before 1923 it was called Catherine Canal, after empress Catherine the Great. The Communist authorities renamed it after the Russian playwright and diplomat Alexandr Griboyedov. Inside the Catherine's Palace at Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin), outside of St Petersburg The Catherine's Palace is a summer palace for the tsars. We would like to check in...  as tsars...
Long check in line... St Issac's Cathedral (Isaakievskiy Sobor), St. Petersburg Enjoying a cruise on the Neva River, St. Petersburg. No more rainy day... Neva River is the only river flows from Lake Ladoga, northwestern Russia. Neva River flows through St. Petersburg to the Neva Bay of Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea). Gala Dinner (in casual dress...), Vodka night at the Palace of Grand Duke Nikolai (The Nikolaevsky Palace) St. Petersburg I walked down the grand stairs without falling, still vertical... after "many" shots of Vodka... Unless you know Russian, who would know this is a Post Office, St. Petersburg. We actually mailed a postcard inside and it arrived its destination. Kazan Cathedral or Kazanskiy Kafedralniy Sobor, St. Petersburg
Another view of the Griboedov Canal embankment and the cathedral... Where I stand is the Nevsky Pr.  (The famous "Neva Big Street" as our tour guide said.) These are the safe vault entrances, not elevators... Grand Europe Hotel, St. Petersburg Lunch before catching the train back to Moscow. Lunch break is always good... Returning to visit Red Square at dusk. St Basil's Cathedral With the sunset, the church has an orange hue on it... She thought this was an execution terrace... not exactly though... actually it was a speech platform.
We are all too happy to have another group picture taken... Relaxing inside Ritz Carlton, Moscow Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich, Kolomer - outisde of Moscow My favorite buddy... Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich, father of Peter the Great Summer residence... I could do that... Just enough for a horse carriage to go through... Time to give away the bride??? Oops, not quite....  what a lovely trip...